The aim of the programme is to provide comprehensive support for the reduction of the negative impact of agricultural activities on the environment by co-financing investments aimed at building energy independence in rural areas, which will contribute to the improvement of local energy security and, inter alia, the improvement of air quality.

Two forms of co-financing are envisaged. 80 million PLN was reserved for grants for individual farmers, but one grant will amount to a maximum of 800 thousand PLN. On the other hand, 120 million zlotys are waiting for loans to be distributed. The interest rate on the loan will be: WIBOR 3M + 50 bps, not less than 2% for a financing period not longer than 15 years. The loan amounts will fluctuate between PLN 100,000 and PLN 2 million. Grants will amount to 40% and loans to 100% of eligible costs. The call for proposals is continuous, which means that applications will be examined on an ongoing basis until the funds are exhausted.

Applications must be submitted no later than 08. 07. 2019. – 20. 12. 2019.