Four executive ordinances to the Act on government administration departments were published in the Journal of Laws, specifying the detailed scope of competence of the Minister of State Assets and the Minister of Climate and changing the organizational structure of the ministries they manage.

The Minister of State Assets will be responsible for departments (executive orinance):

1) state assets (e.g. includes matters related to the management of state property, including the exercise of property and personal rights vested in the State Treasury, as well as protection of the interests of the Treasury),

2) management of mineral deposits (e.g. supervision of economic entities conducting exploitation of mineral resources).

The Minister of Climate will be responsible for departments (executive ordinance):

1) energy (e.g. state’s energy policy and participation in shaping the energy policy of the European Union, rnergy markets, energy raw materials and fuels, energy efficiency, development and use of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy for socio-economic needs),

2) climate (e.g. shaping climate policy, including within the European Union, in particular in negotiations on international policy in the field of climate and sustainable development, implementing the European Union’s climate policy).

In addition, in accordance with the ordinances on the transformation of ministries, organizational units handling the matters of the energy department and relevant employees will be excluded from the Ministry of State Assets and included in the Ministry of Climate.

The above changes are in line with earlier announcements made by Vice President of the Council of Ministers Jacek Sasin, according to which the energy department was to be transferred to the Ministry of Climate.