WindEurope has presented data showing that in 2020 the European offshore sector launched nine wind farms with a total capacity of 2.9 GW. 1.493 GW was connected to the Dutch power grid, 703 MW was placed in Belgian territorial waters, 483 MW was created off the coast of Great Britain and 219 MW off the coast of Germany. Currently, there are 116 offshore wind farms in Europe, 40% of which are off the coast of Great Britain.

Moreover, the association notes the commissioning of the second floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Portugal. It consisted of three turbines placed on floating platforms with a unit capacity of 8.4 MW. As emphasized by Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, thanks to this technology, investments in offshore will go beyond the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and will also be implemented in such waters as the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

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