On April 4, 2022, Mr. Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt, Vice-President of the Board of the Renewable Energy Association, was appointed by Minister Anna Moskwa as a member of the Coordinating Council for the Development of the Photovoltaic Sector.

The Council, as an advisory body to the Minister, was established to ensure the dynamic development of the photovoltaic sector in Poland.

Four working groups were created within the Coordination Council:

Working group no. 1 for the development of the domestic photovoltaic equipment industry, the chairman of the group was Mr. Andrzej Kaźmierski, Deputy Director of the Low-Emission Economy Department, Ministry of Development and Technology.

Working group No. 2 for the development of new photovoltaic segments, the chairman is Ms. Irena Gajewska, Director, Polish Association of Photovoltaics.

Working group No. 3, for identifying barriers to the development of the PV market and proposing their removal, the chairman was Mr. Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt, vice president of the Renewable Energy Association.

Working group No. 4 educational and promotional solutions in the field of photovoltaics, the chairman was Professor Konstanty Marszałek, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The work of the Council may translate into the dynamic development of the entire photovoltaic sector and bring tangible benefits to the members of the Association.

By participating in the third group, Mr. Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt will have an impact on creating regulations favorable for the industry, as well as on an ongoing review of all activities in the field of solar energy.

The Association would like to take an active part in creating a new, green reality in our country. We are asking for cooperation, defining any problems you encounter in the implementation of your investment, operational or economic tasks.

By working in the Consultative Council, we will try to remove development barriers in the photovoltaic segment, but we will also indicate positive solutions for the entire renewable energy sector. One of the particularly important tasks is the establishment of appropriate provisions enabling the joint connection of hybrid renewable sources (cable pooling).

We propose to organize a meeting with Mr. Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt on issues related to the work of the Council, so that we, as an Association, could define as soon as possible the basic, most urgent tasks removing barriers to the development of the sector.