In 10 years, half of the electricity consumed in Poland may come from renewable sources. Such a long-awaited, but belated scenario was first included in the investment plan of the Polish Energy Networks (PSE), responsible for the bloodstream of the Polish energy sector, and then in the statement of the Minister of Climate.

This means a significant acceleration of the departure from our reality, in which more than two-thirds of energy comes from coal, and the share of renewable sources, according to government documents in force until recently, was to increase over a decade to just 23% from 15% today.

A bold document, which is the power grid development plan until 2032, should force revolutionary, in our terms, decisions on unblocking investments in renewable sources. Entrepreneurs are waiting for this, and more and more often have to show a minimum carbon footprint of their products in order to stay in global supply chains and obtain financing. Citizens are also waiting for this, demanding their own, clean and cheap energy, especially in the light of the war in Ukraine, financed by the sale of fossil fuels.

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