On the website of the Government Legislation Center, today, on January 26, 2021, a draft act was published to amend the act – Energy Law and the act on renewable energy sources (UD162).

The draftprovides for the abolition of the so-called power market electricity exchange obligation , by repealing Art. 49a of the Energy Law and the repeal or modification of the provisions relating to this obligation. Additionally, due to the reference to the obligation in question in Art. 92 sec. 9 of the Act of February 20, 2015 on renewable energy sources (Article 92 (9)), it is also necessary to modify this provision.

In accordance with the attached Regulatory Impact Assessment, the draft act also provides for increasing the financial and criminal liability of entities that manipulate the wholesale energy market, attempts to manipulate it or use internal information regarding an energy product sold in wholesale trade. What is more, the project aims to provide the President of the Energy Regulatory Office with appropriate tools to prevent abuse and attempts at abuse on the electricity market.

According to the letter referring the draft in question for consultation, comments may be submitted within 30 days of publication.

Draft Act GLC/RCL