May 15 this year on the website of the Government Legislation Center a draft Regulation of the Minister of Climate has been published regarding the registration, balancing and sharing of measurement data and the settlement of prosumer renewable energy. On the same day the project was sent for public consultation, which will last until May 29.

According to a statement published by the Ministry of Climate, one of the key regulatory elements is the adoption of a vector balancing method. Similar solutions have been applied to energy cooperatives, thanks to which the Ministry of Climate expects that energy cooperatives will become an attractive way of building local energy.

According to the justification the draft Regulation is the implementation of art. 4 clause 14 of the Act of 20 February 2015 on renewable energy sources (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 261, 284 and 568), hereinafter referred to as the “Act”, an authorization which imposes on the minister responsible for climate matters the obligation to specify:

  • Detailed scope and method of registering and balancing measurement data,
  • A detailed method of accounting for renewable energy prosumers, including the type of tariff used by the renewable energy prosumer;
  • The detailed scope and method of sharing measurement data between energy companies and between energy companies and renewable energy prosumers.

In accordance with the guidelines contained in the authorization, when determining the abovementioned elements, the need to standardize the way was taken into account settling prosumer renewable energy and protecting their interests, as well as the security and reliable functioning of the power system.

The ordinance aims to detail the applicable statutory provisions, dispel interpretation doubts, and thus divergence in their application, as well as a more precise specification of situations that have proved to be problematic in practice. In addition, the regulation carries out a statutory delegation in the field of sharing and transferring measurement data to ensure the transparency of the entire process of supporting prosumer renewable energy.

Draft ordinance of the Minister of Climate on registering, balancing and sharing measurement data and accounting for prosumer renewable energy