The draft act amending the act on renewable energy sources and certain other acts (RCL list no. UD107) was agreed with the members of the Council of Ministers and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers on March 8 this year. The meeting of the legal commission regarding the draft in question will be held on March 17-18 this year.

The project provides for, inter alia, extending the maximum period of support granted under the discount system, FiT and FiP systems and the auction until June 30, 2047, which is the same date as the new maximum deadline for granting state aid, i.e. December 31, 2027. so support systems for an additional six and a half years.

In addition, the positive balance compensation period under the auction system was shortened to three years with the repayment date until June 30 of the fourth year following the calendar year to which the refund relates.

Updated draft on RCL