Today, i.e. on August 4 this year. the website of the Government Legislation Center has published a draft act amending the act on renewable energy sources and certain other acts (RCL no. UD 107).

The draft provides for the following changes:

  1. reduction of concession obligations for entrepreneurs conducting economic activity in the field of small installations,
  2. confirmation of the current practice on the method of determining the total installed electrical capacity of RES installations at the level of the Act,
  3. extension of the maximum period of:
  • the validity of the “discount” settlement mechanism under the prosumer system;
  • purchase of unused electricity by renewable energy micro-installations operating outside the prosumer system;
  • obligation to purchase unused electricity at a fixed price or the right to a premium to the market price of electricity under the FIT and FIP systems;
  • obligation to purchase electricity at a fixed price or the right to a surcharge to the market price electricity under the auction system

– by June 30, 2045,

4. defining the long-term schedule of granting support to RES producers, covering four consecutive years as a reference point,

5. specifying the provisions introduced to the RES Act as part of the anti-crisis shield.

Comments as part of public consultations may be submitted until August 25 this year.