On December 3 this year. the eighth RES auction this year, marked as AZ / 8/2020, took place. This auction was intended for new, small (with a capacity of no more than 1 MW) installations using wind energy on land or solar radiation to generate electricity.

According to the announcement of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, 590 producers joined the auction, submitting a total of 1,618 bids. All offers came from photovoltaic installations. Within this basket, over PLN 4.5 billion has been allocated for the purchase of 11.76 TWh of energy.

As a result of the AZ / 8/2020 auction, almost 11.75 TWh of electricity (99.9% of energy intended for sale) was sold, offered by 235 producers, with a total value of over PLN 3 billion (67% of possible support). As a result of this auction, photovoltaic installations with a total installed electrical capacity of over 0.7 GW may be built.

The total amount of energy offered by producers (24.6 TWh) accounted for over 209 percent. the amount of energy specified in the auction notice. On the other hand, the total value of energy offered by producers (PLN 6.6 billion) accounted for nearly 147 percent. the energy value specified in the announcement.

The reference price in this basket was PLN 360 / MWh. The minimum price at which the energy was sold was PLN 222.87 / MWh.

President of ERO communication