In the second round of the auction this year, approx. 18.5 TWh of green energy with a maximum value of approx. PLN 8.6 billion will be sold in total. In the upcoming auctions, the basket with the highest value (over 5 billion) and at the same time the largest volume of energy intended for sale will be the basket for large wind and photovoltaic installations. Only this one auction consumes almost 59 percent. value of all energy for sale in the December round.

The December auctions will be conducted in accordance with the Auction Regulations for the sale of electricity generated in RES installations, established by the President of the ERO and approved by the Minister of Climate.

At the beginning of November, the ERO will publish a new Instructions for the Use of the Internet Auction Platform – it will be adapted to the coming into force regulations introduced by the amendment to the RES Act.

Source: Energy Regulatory Office