According to information obtained by the editors of the portal – Deputy Minister of Climate and RES representative Ireneusz Zyska announced plans to establish a European Institute of Fair Energy Transformation with headquarters in Katowice.

As emphasized by the Minister – as the largest beneficiary of programs related to transformation, Poland should take the initiative in this respect, throughout the European Union. We would like the Institute of Just Transformation to bring together the best Polish and European experts, dealing with programming of transformation in individual regions.

We want to develop renewable energy. Currently. according to the announcement of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, the installed capacity of solar farm is 1.8 GW. We would like this capacity to increase to at least 7 GW by 2025. We have a unique, historic opportunity, based on the New Green Deal policy and currently defined financial instruments to carry out a fair energy transformation in Poland based on investments in renewable energy –adds Deputy Minister of Climate and renewable energy representative Ireneusz Zyska.

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