The parliamentary energy, climate and assets committee appointed on Tuesday a special subcommittee that will deal with the parliamentary draft amendment to the RES Act, introducing, inter alia, institutions of collective and virtual prosumers.
The draft, submitted by a group of MPs from the United Right, apart from defining collective and virtual prosumers, assumes a change in the prosumers’ settlement model and partially charging them with fees for energy distribution. At the same time, it maintains the acquired rights of current prosumers.
According to the draft, the new prosumer billing model provides for a one-to-one approach, i.e. the ability to receive the same amount of energy from the grid that is fed into it. Today the ratio is 0.7 or 0.8, depending on the size of the plant. However, prosumers do not pay distribution fees. The project assumes that a prosumer would pay a distribution fee for energy delivered to, but from 15 percent. discount.
In addition, this energy would be exempt from excise duty, RES and cogeneration fees. The draft also contains provisions enabling the creation of a collective prosumer and the construction of renewable energy installations in multi-family buildings. The amount of energy used for own needs would be calculated by the distribution system operator in the manner indicated in the draft.