On 04.04.2022 in the afternoon, the generation of energy from wind and photovoltaic power plants, which was recorded by the operator of the national power system, PSE, for the first time exceeded the level of 10 GW, largely covering the demand for energy in Poland. The wind farms themselves, which operated yesterday for the first time with a capacity of over 7 GW, also set their record.

With a dozen or so gigawatts currently installed in the national wind and solar energy, wind and PV plants, using appropriate weather conditions, are able to increasingly cover the demand for energy in Poland. This is especially visible in recent days, when good wind conditions were accompanied by a cloudless sky.

Polish windmills and solar farms showed unprecedented power at the end of last month. On Monday, March 28, with good wind and sunlight throughout the country, the generation of wind and PV in the early afternoon approached the level of 10 GW, which allowed to cover even about 45 percent at the moment. domestic energy demand. At that time, production from both sources was almost equally distributed between wind and solar farms.