The volume of trading in property rights for electricity generated in RES in August amounted to 2,095,492 MWh, which is an increase of 35.0% y / y. The volume-weighted average price at PRM sessions for the PMOZE_A instrument was PLN 141.76 / MWh, which means an increase by PLN 13.85 / MWh compared to July this year.

The electricity trading volume on TGE in August 2020 amounted to 15,153,317 MWh, which means a decrease by 28.6%. compared to August 2019. The trading volume on the Intraday Market in August amounted to 222,123 MWh and it is the second best monthly result in the history of trading on the IDM. The average price weighted by the trading volume on the DAM was at the level of PLN 233.95 / MWh in August, which is an increase by PLN 11.95 / MWh compared to the previous month.

The trade in Guarantees of Origin for electricity generated in RES amounted to 698 993 MWh, which is a decrease of 20.9%. y / y The weighted average price was PLN 1.49 / MWh, which is an increase of PLN 0.03 / MWh compared to July.

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