As it results from the report of the Polish Power Exchange (TGE) dated 5 August this year, the volume of electricity trading on TGE in July this year was as follows The total volume of trading in electricity amounted to 17,274,508 MWh and was by 16,8% higher than in July 2018.

The Commodity Forward Instruments Market (CDM) increased by 13,3% y/y at the volume of 14,473,354 MWh. The volume of trading on the spot market increased by 38,5% y/y to 2,801,154 MWh.

The weighted average BASE price on the Day-Ahead Market was shaped in July this year at the level of 242,89 PLN/MWh – by 13,26 PLN/MWh lower than in June this year. On the other hand, on the CFIM the weighted average price of the annual contract with baseload delivery in 2020 (BASE_Y-20) amounted to 279. 68 PLN/MWh, which means an increase by 8,48 PLN/MWh in relation to the price of the contract quoted in June.

In July 2019, transactions with a volume of 2 015 863 MWh (year-to-year increase by 141,2% were entered into in the Origin Guarantee Register, for which the weighted average price was 0,79 PLN/MWh (which represents 0,09 PLN/MWh less than in June of this year).