On March 30, 2021, the Minister of Climate and Environment signed an ordinance on the maximum price for electricity generated in an offshore wind farm and fed into the grid in PLN per 1 MWh, which is the basis for the settlement of the right to cover the negative balance. The price was set at PLN 319.6 / MWh. Originally, the value of PLN 301.5 / MWh was assumed in the draft regulation.

Accordng to the justification, the price proposed in the ordinance takes into account investment and operating costs for an offshore wind farm 55 km away from the coast. In addition, it takes into account the use of fixed prices for 2021, higher balancing costs, fees for the extension of the location permit (PSZW) and the property tax on land infrastructure.

Announcement of the Ministry of Climate and Environment

Ordinance on RCL