Britain’s tactics assume that in 9 years, the country will be able to generate 30% of its energy thanks to windmills, which are to stand along the coastline.

The 2030 target is part of the forward-looking strategy of the London Government, which committed itself in March 2019 to changing the country’s energy mix. The authorities want renewable energy sources to significantly increase the share of the total energy produced.

Claire Perry, Minister for Energy, announced that the total investment would cost £40 billion. The turbines are to produce about 30 GW of power.

Great Britain obtained as much as 7% of energy from this type of installation in 2017. Next year, 10% of British electricity will come from windmills built at sea.

The falling cost of technology is of great importance for the strategy of the British people. In recent years, the costs of the turbine and its placement at sea have fallen by up to 50%.