By March 2021, Poland is required to adopt a maritime spatial development plan. According to Katarzyna Krzywda – director of the Maritime Economy Department at the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Fisheries, in 2020 the plan is to be available in the form of a regulation.

Under EU law, we are obliged to do this by March 2021. We will try to adopt this plan in the form of a regulation later this year. Currently, work on the preparation of the project has been completed and we are at the stage of preparing documentation on transboundary environmental impact assessment. It should take six months, then the plan will be treated like a regulation, and the Council of Ministers will adopt it – said Katarzyna Krzywda. She explained that all permits that have already been issued are not withheld, and investors can obtain environmental and building permits. – The issue of new permits has been suspended until a new plan is adopted – said Katarzyna Krzywda

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