According to information published in the Council of Ministers public information bulletin, in the first quarter of 2020, the government is to adopt a draft amendment to the Energy Law and certain other acts.

Some of the solutions included in the project:

  • Recruitment for the President of the Energy Regulatory Office will be conducted by a team appointed by the Minister of Energy; The President of the Energy Regulatory Office will perform his tasks with the help of two ERO Vice Presidents;
  • Legal bases for closed distribution systems are introduced;
  • Comprehensive solutions for the operation and development of electricity storage are introduced;
  • Amendments to the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels are introduced in the scope of the program for the construction of natural gas stations and projects for the modernization, extension or construction of the network necessary to connect these stations and the obligation for local government units to ensure that the appropriate number of vehicles powered by natural gas or electricity was used to carry out public tasks;
  • System solutions are introduced in the scope of the smart metering system consisting in the obligation to install by 31 December 2028 remote reading meters connected to the remote reading system at measuring points constituting at least 80% of the total number of measuring points at end consumers connected to the network with a rated voltage of higher than 1 kV belonging to this operator;

Draft act amending the Energy Law and some other acts