The Sejm adopted an amendment to the Construction Law, new regulations appeared regarding the arrangements for photovoltaic installations with a capacity above 6.5 kW in terms of fire safety.

The act adopted by the Sejm a week ago contained a provision according to which “does not require a building permit and notification of construction works involving the installation of heat pumps, free-standing solar collectors, photovoltaic devices with an installed electrical capacity of not more than 50 kW from with the proviso that for photovoltaic devices with an installed electrical capacity greater than 6.5 kW, the obligation to agree with a fire protection expert regarding compliance with the requirements of fire protection (…) design of these devices and to notify the State Fire Service authorities shall apply. “

The changes have not yet entered into force, although there are already controversies from installers regarding leaving many issues unanswered. It is a question of determining which buildings and buildings are concerned, resulting from regulations and other implementing regulations, and most installers have a problem with the interpretation whether a given building structure is subject to new regulations.

The amendment to the Construction Law is to enter into force six months after its publication in the Journal of Laws. For now, new regulations are still pending by the Senate, and after approval by the parliament, the president must sign the new regulations.

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