The list of legislative works of the Council of Ministers published the assumptions of the bill amending the act on renewable energy sources, whose planned date of adoption by the Council of Ministers was set for the third quarter of this year.

As expected, the draft aims to extend the maximum period for granting public aid under the auction system and FIT and FIP systems from “June 30, 2021” until ‘June 30, 2026’, i.e. 5 years.

The condition for applying this amendment will be obtaining a positive decision of the European Commission on the compatibility of public aid provided for in the relevant provisions with the internal market or recognition by the European Commission that the changes in these provisions do not constitute a new public aid.

The draft in the transitional provisions will provide for an appropriate suspension clause.

The amendment will also include:

  • changes aimed at limiting the concession obligations for entrepreneurs conducting economic activity in the field of small installations, by increasing the threshold of the total installed electrical capacity from 0.5 MW to 1 MW or combined thermal capacity from 0.9 MW to 3 MW;
  • confirmation at the level of Act of the current practice regarding the method of determining the total installed capacity of renewable energy electric installation renewable energy;
  • editorial changes and ordering changes introduced in previous amendments;

Draft Act in the list of CM legislative works