In the second quarter of 2022, the government plans to adopt a draft act amending the act on renewable energy sources and certain other acts (list number UC99) – it results from the entry in the List of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers.

According to the published entry, the regulations that will be included in the amendment concern the following areas:

I. Biomethane;

II. Energy clusters;

III. Transposition of RED II in the following areas:

– District heating and cooling (articles 23-24 RED II),

– Guarantees of origin (Art. 19 RED II),

– National Contact Point for RES (Art. 16 RED II),

– Administrative procedures (Articles 15-16 RED II),

– Peer-to-peer energy trading partner (Art. 21 RED II),

– Other RED II provisions to be implemented.

IV. Modernization of renewable energy installations (hereinafter referred to as “RES”);

V. Continuation support for RES installations which are expiring from the 15-year support system;

VI. Hybrid RES installations;

VII. Offshore wind energy (supplementary regulations).

The body responsible for developing the project is the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The Ministry of Climate is planning to submit for public consultations and inter-ministerial arrangements the draft amendment to the RES Act in the fourth quarter of this year.

Details of the solutions included in the project