The Ministry of Climate announced work on the draft of another amendment to the Act on renewable energy sources.

As the deputy minister of climate and the government renewable energy representative Ireneusz Zyska emphasizes: At this moment we are working on an amendment to the renewable energy law, which will be referred to inter-ministerial consultations. I believe that after the holidays, the bill will be adopted by parliament and will be binding.

The Ministry of Climate also confirmed that it wants to extend the auction system to 2026, without which the current auction mechanism would expire next year. As Ireneusz Zyska pointed out: We would like to extend the support period by five years after consultation with the European Commission, as allowed by the directive. We now have this support period in the auction system until mid-2021. It is going to extend it for another five years to 2026.

As we informed earlier, the Ministry of Development is working on elements of the planned amendment to the RES Act. An extension of the prosumer model and implementation of the recommendations contained in the new Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) are planned.

The amendment to the Act refers to issues related to the group prosumer, the concept is intended to include cooperatives and housing associations that decide to invest in their own energy sources and for which new solutions are to be prepared by the government prosumer team headed by Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz.

New information on planned changes in this area was provided by Przemysław Hofman, deputy director at the Low-Emission Economy Department at the Ministry of Development: According to our assumptions, an installation up to 500 kW could be shared by a larger number of users, not necessarily physically connected directly to such an installation, in fact, it could be a delocalized installation in relation to the recipient, while the main idea of ​​this project is that the co-users co-finance the creation of such an installation, and then, under a dedicated contract, use the energy generated from such an installation. To them would be assigned the amount of green energy that would be produced by such an installation, of course proportionally to the shares in such an installation, and this assignment would fall into the prosumer model.

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