The government’s prosumer energy team is finalising works on new regulations for investors planning to launch smaller RES installations. Next week, the Council of Ministers will deal with the proposals developed by a team headed by the Minister for Enterprise, Jadwiga Emilewicz.

The proposals developed by the prosumer team headed by Minister Emilewicz are to be handled by the Legal Commission of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and next week they are to be discussed by the government.

The assumptions of the Energia Plus programme are to be presented today by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship during the III Civic Energy Congress held in Warsaw, organised by the „More than Energy” movement.

New regulations for prosumers are to be included in the draft amendment to the RES Act prepared by the Ministry of Energy, which should be submitted to parliamentary work in the coming weeks.

In the forthcoming amendment, we can expect that entrepreneurs will be included in the definition of a prosumer so that they can ultimately use the system of discounts and introduce a delegation to the regulation aimed at regulating the issue of servicing the owners of microinstallations.

The current draft amendment to the RES Act is still the subject of government work. After being approved by the Council of Ministers, he will be able to work in parliament.