The European Commission is looking for solutions that will allow to accelerate investments in renewable energy sources, so that it becomes possible to achieve the goals of the EU climate policy. In the regulatory package that Brussels will soon propose, there is to be a top-down limitation of the period in which authorities in EU countries will have to issue permits necessary to start construction of renewable energy installations.

Brussels is preparing a package of regulations, the implementation of which is to help achieve the increased target of reducing CO2 emissions in the European Union in the period 1990–2030 by 55%. (compared to the level of reduction by 40% previously approved by the EU countries).

The actions taken include, among others the 2018 amendment to the EU directive on renewable energy sources announced by the European Commission, so that its new version would be compatible with new, more ambitious climate goals.

The EU Fit for 55 package presented by the EC assumes doubling the capacity in wind and photovoltaic energy by 2030 – by installing 480 GW and 420 GW of capacity in this decade, respectively (including about 80 GW of RES power is needed only to power hydrogen-producing electrolysers).