September 10, 2019, chosen in July this year President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen presented guidelines on the basis of which the activities of the European Commission will be implemented, among others in the field of climate policy.

The document obliges the first deputy chairperson, Climate Commissioner Franz Timmermans, to implement the so-called European Green Deal. Within 100 days, a plan is to be developed to increase EU climate goals and raise the carbon reduction target by 2030 from the current 40 to 50 percent. The strategy also envisages the implementation of the Just Transition Fund, which focuses on co-financing the transformation of regions economically dependent on coal, such as Silesia, Bełchatów, Konin, German Lusatia and Greek Macedonia.

Furthermore, the Directorate responsible for Climate Affairs is to develop a precedent-setting legal act referred to as “European climate law”. The strategy does not explicitly state whether this document will have the status of an EU directive, its purpose is to ensure the transition to climate neutrality in 2050 through EU countries. Timmermans will also deal with the area related to the circular economy.

The tasks envisaged in the new strategy also include changes in the tax system, among others in the area of energy taxation to reflect the emissions of individual fuels.

The position of Competition Commissioner has been retained by Margrethe Vestager. Janusz Wojciechowski was also nominated. decarbonisation and implementation of the circular economy in the field of agriculture.

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