In the information published on December 30, 2019 on investment control in electricity generation capacity in 2012-2018, the Supreme Audit Office stated that ensuring security of supply depends primarily on the timely construction of new power units. The control covered the Ministry of Energy and nine companies from the capital sector’s capital groups, responsible for implementing the energy generation strategy and being investors in key investments.

The conclusions addressed to the Minister of Energy include, among others, taking effective actions to adopt Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040 by the Council of Ministers, developing together with significant participants in the energy market a plan for replacing decommissioned units with new ones in accordance with the adopted target production structure, and introducing monitoring instruments and assessment of regulatory and economic support for investments.

In response to the Polish Press Agency, the Ministry of State Assets announced that the new version of the PEP 2040 project, which implemented the conclusions of public consultations, revised and increased goals, extended forecasting part, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the previous policy, as well as an environmental impact assessment submitted for public consultation as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure after the abovementioned NIK audits. In December 2019, the PEP2040 project received a positive opinion from the Joint Government and Local Government Committee – highlighted MAP. (source:

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