Next week, the European Commission intends to present a package of solutions that will contribute to the wider use of renewable energy sources in the European Union. The media has already received the first information about what proposals will appear in the legislative package that the European Commission is preparing. EU officials provide special preferences for photovoltaics.

By proposing regulations that will accelerate investments in renewable energy, Brussels wants to provide a special place for solar energy, which is to become a key technology for decarbonising the European Union – important not only in the context of reducing CO2 emissions from electricity, but also heating.
The new proposals reached by the Euroactiv website assume the implementation of a roof photovoltaic development program known as the European Solar Rooftops Initiative, the implementation of which only in the first year is to result in an increase in energy production from roof PV installations in the EU by 17 TWh (this value is about 10 percent annual electricity consumption in Poland).

In turn, in 2025, the implementation of the European Solar Rooftops Initiative is expected to increase the production of solar energy from rooftop solar farms in the EU by 42 TWh.

The new EC strategy is also to increase the use of photovoltaics as part of investments related to the renovation of buildings in the European Union. The Commission intends to make the installation of photovoltaic installations compulsory on all suitable public buildings in the EU. This goal is to be achieved by 2025.