Low-class agricultural land, located in the resources of the National Center for Agricultural Support, may be leased for renewable energy installations – especially photovoltaics.

This is what the draft amendment to the act on the management of agricultural property of the State Treasury and some other acts, which was published for consultation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (number from the list: UD376), provides for this. The planned date for the adoption of the project by the government is the second quarter of 2022.


The ground is photovoltaics

As indicated in the draft, during the work on the amendment to the act on renewable energy sources and some other acts, KOWR analyzed the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury in order to select land of low agricultural suitability (classes IV-VI and N), the use of which may support the development of energy in Poland by using this land for the location of photovoltaic installations.

In total, plots of land with an area of ​​approx. 31.4 thousand square meters were selected. ha – including approx. 1.5 thousand. ha undeveloped and the remaining approx. 29.9 thous. ha in the lease.

The Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that on the basis of the current provisions of the KOWR, it is not possible to lease this type of land without a tender to capital companies or capital groups operating in the field of renewable energy production.

The introduction of the proposed solutions is to enable this, which will allow KOWR to obtain additional funds for the implementation of tasks imposed on this institution.