Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk together with Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski on 11 July this year they informed about available support programmes from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, which are to help improve air quality in Poland.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of the Environment has prepared a number of comprehensive programmes that will launch billions of zlotys for energy investments. We do this in a fully ecological and conscious manner. We want to put a definitive end to energy poverty in certain areas and, by the way, contribute to savings in the budgets of households and local and regional authorities. The programmes presented today are another step towards investment in renewable energy sources, and thus cleaner air. We promised the Poles investments in green energy and we keep our word. Most importantly, not only businesses and city dwellers will be able to benefit from these funds, but also farmers in rural areas – said Minister Kowalczyk.

As Minister Tchórzewski stressed, the programmes presented today are in line with the consistent efforts of the entire Polish government to improve air quality in Poland and develop renewable energy sources. I believe that similarly to the amendment to the RES Act adopted by the government on 25 June this year and the Act on Promotion of Electricity from High Efficiency Cogeneration, in force since January this year, prepared by the Ministry of Energy, will not only help Poland to achieve the required by the European Union 15% share of energy from renewable sources in its final gross consumption by 2020, but will also significantly improve the cleanliness of air that Poles breathe, – added Minister Tchórzewski.

In the opinion of Minister Tchórzewski, the development of prosumer dispersed energy is also extremely important for the energy security of Poland.

Ministries have prepared three programs to help improve the quality of life of Poles: Polish Geothermal, Programme Energy Plus and District Heating Programmes.

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