This year, the installed capacity in European offshore wind energy is to exceed 4 GW for the first time in history. The expected result will be more than twice the record from 2021, when 1.8 GW of offshore wind farms were built.

According to research by Rystad Energy, in 2022, as much as 4.2 GW of offshore wind energy (OWE) will be added in Europe. The previous record was recorded in 2019, when the result of 3.8 GW of installed SHP capacity was achieved. In 2021, which was much weaker in this respect, it was 1.8 GW.


Great Britain continues to lead

The record is to be achieved mainly thanks to British projects – according to Rystad Energy’s estimates, their generation capacity will be 3.2 GW. This will be the UK’s best annual result so far. Previously, 2018 was a record year, when 2.1 GW of offshore wind installations were added to the UK energy system.

The record for installed capacity in offshore wind energy in Europe expected in 2022 will be primarily the result of the commissioning of several large projects.