Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) informed that the total capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland increased by 131,6 MW in the first quarter of this year and amounted to 603 MW at the end of March 2019. Last year, PSE recorded photovoltaic systems operating in the NPS with a total capacity of 471,4 MW.

In the current quarter, the pace of photovoltaic investments should sustain the connections of the last PV power plants of unit capacity up to 1 MW, which were covered by guarantees of sale of electricity at the prices offered in the second auction at the end of June 2017. In this case, there is time to start energy production by the middle of this year.

This year, the Ministry of Energy announces that it will hold further auctions for RES – including auctions for photovoltaic and wind projects with a unit capacity of up to 1 MW, which should be again dominated by investors planning to build photovoltaic power plants. The volume of energy to be distributed is to allow the construction of a PV power plant with a total capacity of up to 750 MW.