In August, the Ministry of Climate submitted for public consultation the draft resolution of the Council of Ministers on updating the multi-annual program under the name “Polish nuclear energy program”. The consultation lasted 14 days and ended on August 21, and this week the ministry published a report on it.

88 entities submitted comments to the draft, with 539 comments, not counting repeated comments. The ministry collected them, analyzed them and referred to them in a report. According to the ministry, attention is drawn to numerous supporters for the development of nuclear energy in Poland in the context of preventing climate change and ensuring the country’s energy security.

On the other hand, the opponents of the implementation of nuclear energy demanded a strategic environmental impact assessment of the project to update the PNPP. A separate group were also remarks which did not question the PEJ Program as a whole or the general idea of ​​nuclear power implementation, but referring to individual elements of the document. In addition, in response to numerous comments, the Ministry of Climate indicated that the PNPP is not a document presenting the country’s energy strategy, but only a nuclear energy development strategy.

According to the new schedule of the nuclear project, the choice of technology is planned for 2021, and for 2022 it is assumed that the selection will be approved. location of the first power plant and signing a contract with the technology provider and the main contractor. Construction is to start in 2026, and the first reactor – in 2033.

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