The first calls for proposals under Norwegian and EEA measures were announced on 19 March this year. Ministry of Climate. More than PLN 580 million can be obtained for pro-ecological and pro-climate activities.

As explained by the ministry, there are three thematic areas: climate change mitigation and adaptation to their effects; natural environment and ecosystems; renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security.

As part of mitigation of climate change, funds will be available for projects related to green and blue infrastructure in cities over 90 thousand. residents (pool of approximately PLN 100 million), as well as for conducting awareness campaigns by schools on adaptation to climate change and mitigation of their effects (pool of PLN 6.8 million).

In the case of “natural environment and ecosystems” calls were announced for the implementation of plans ecosystem management (increasing their resistance to climate change – over PLN 25 million), increasing protection of ecosystems against invasive alien species (about PLN 15.4 million) and activities related to the protection of ecosystems, carried out by non-governmental organizations (pool of 12.1 million).

Regarding renewable energy and energy saving, funds will be available for improving energy efficiency in school buildings (PLN 86.3 million), developing high-efficiency industrial and professional cogeneration (PLN 172.6 million), and for construction / modernization municipal heating systems and elimination of individual heat sources (PLN 37.9 million).