Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski spoke about the energy situation in Poland and the Ministry of Energy’s plans for the future during the XXIX Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój.

All have increasing demands on the stability and volume of electricity supply. The broadly understood energy sector is always in a difficult situation, because already today we must think about what will be needed in 10-12 years time. However, the life cycle of a democratic state is only four years. All energy investments are long-term, based on large financial resources. If the climate policy of the European Union assumes an intensive transformation, it means intensive investments – said the Minister.

At the moment, we are opening up strongly to renewable and prosumer energy, because we have obtained energy security in the form of a power market. Thanks to this, we can afford to develop renewable energy sources. If we want to have 40 GW in renewable energy, we must have 40 GW in conventional energy. The German energy system is constructed in the same way. Polish society is becoming richer and richer and can afford to develop RES. Thanks to this, we can meet the European Commission’s objectives as regards the share of renewable energy in our mix – stressed the Minister.