At yesterday’s conference, organized by PGE in Krynica Zdrój, the topics of innovation in the power industry, energy storage facilities and electromobility were discussed.

Krzysztof Tchórzewski wrote a letter to the participants of the event in which he explained that „[…] the growing popularity of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources puts into question the unquestionable dominance of hydrocarbons in the world economy, but also in Poland”.

„This is compounded by political and social aspirations. The cumulative impact of these factors in the coming years may lead to a structural breakthrough in the functioning of energy companies, energy consumers and the relations between tchem” – he noted.

Poland has the scientific and technological capacity to take advantage of the opportunities created by new directions in the energy sector. „Effective participation in the global race in the energy sector requires the identification of key areas where success is realistic and in line with the strategic interest of the state” – wrote the Minister.