“Central and Eastern European countries may soon become the driving force of green reconstruction. However, this means even greater responsibility – in this case, conducting the transformation in a fair and solid way” – emphasized Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka during a webinar entitled “Investing in the Recovery and Transition of Europe’s Coal Regions’ organized by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Minister Kurtyka pointed out that energy transformation is an indispensable element of striving for EU climate neutrality by 2050. According to the head of the climate department, existing investments should be secured to guarantee the continuation of transformation, strengthen local industry and direct new investments not only to reduce emissions, but also to increasing employment and resilience of economies.

As the Minister of Climate pointed out, in the decarbonisation of the energy mix, Poland wants to use the opportunities arising from diversified sources, including renewable energy, nuclear energy planned to be implemented from 2033 and the use of gas as a transitional transformation technology that stabilizes the power system in the era of dynamic development of renewable energy. In the opinion of Minister Kurtyka, an opportunity for a breakthrough system change may be the introduction of offshore wind energy, which is a relatively stable source of renewable energy.

“This innovative industry will enable the involvement of local industry and extensive international cooperation. A letter of intent recently signed in Poland regarding the development of offshore wind energy and legal solutions regarding investments in this respect will allow for the transition to quick and effective implementation of the assumed plans. “ – emphasizes Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka.

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