The Ministry of Agriculture signed a letter of intent on the construction of 20 agricultural biogas plants based on innovative Polish technology, which will allow the management of substrates from farms and their processing into electricity and biomethane. The signed letter concerns the construction of biogas plants in 20 largest farms in Poland.

“Thanks to the implementation of new investments, the economic efficiency of the companies belonging to the National Center for Agricultural Support will definitely improve. It will also help to increase the competitiveness of our agriculture and contribute to the achievement of climate goals” – emphasizes the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski.

Zbigniew Gryglas, Deputy Minister of State Assets, emphasized that this is an important project not only for agriculture, but also for the entire economy. “The area of ​​energy that has so far been” fallow “is being developed, and it is estimated that the potential of substrates from Polish agriculture will allow for the production of approx. 7 billion m3 of biogas, i.e. one third of domestic demand, it is estimated that the value of the program is at least half billion zlotys, and the investment payback time is 4-5 years.

“The production of electricity and biomethane from biogas is primarily a business-friendly solution for us. It will also enable us to achieve the National Indicative Target. The European Green Deal assumes achieving climate neutrality by 2050, and this requires seeking alternatives to traditional energy sources” – adds the President ORLEN Południe Marcin Rej.

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