Consultations on the assumptions of sustainable financing in the European Union have started. EU citizens, organizations and companies are invited by the European Commission to comment on a new strategy that is to promote sustainable and therefore beneficial for the environment investments. The consultations will affect the future and shape of the Polish energy strategy.

Building sustainable funding is part of the European Green Deal plan proposed by the Commission. The goal is to define investment support criteria from the point of view of their impact on the environment. Those that will have a positive impact, and thus not lead to increased emissions and support decarbonisation, will be able to obtain support more easily, and those that will harm climate goals – on the contrary.

Poland’s position in this matter assumes that investments in fossil fuels should be supported, which will support the long-term goal of decarbonisation, for example new gas power plant and gas pipeline projects that will help Poles reduce CO2 emissions. Critics of this approach argue that such assets will attach the energy sector to fossil fuels for longer, and there should be a leap to Renewable Energy Sources. The counterargument is the fact that renewable sources still need protection in the form of conventional sources, for example the Polish offshore wind energy sector is to be secured by new gas power plants. This solution was included in the draft Polish Energy Policy until 2040, called the energy strategy.