In 2018, the wind energy industry invested 65 billion euros in Europe. These included investments in new assets, refinancing transactions, mergers and acquisitions at project and corporate level, public market transactions and private equity raising.

The amount of the investment will translate into the construction of a record-breaking capacity of 16,7 GW. Of these, 12,5 GW are for onshore and 4,2 GW for offshore. The average expenditure needed to build 1 MW of wind power on land amounted to EUR 1,4 million, compared to EUR 2 million in 2015. In the case of offshore, between 2015 and 2018, investment costs per MW fell from 4,5 to 2,5 million euros.

Wind energy was the greatest investment opportunity in the energy sector, accounting for over 60% of all investments in 2018. This technology is seen by governments and policy makers as the main driver to move beyond fossil fuels and conventional energy assets.

Cost competitiveness and reduced risk perception have led national and international market players to diversify their portfolios and/or adapt to sustainable development objectives.

In 2018, final investment decisions were made in relation to 190 wind farms in 22 countries. The largest number of investments was made in Great Britain, followed by Sweden. Investment in southern and central-eastern Europe accounted for only 4% of all European expenditure.

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