The Jagiellonian Institute has prepared a report aimed at analyzing the prices of Certificates of Origin and presenting their forecasts in the short and medium term.

According to the published announcement, the presented price paths were prepared based on the best knowledge and experience in the field of public aid distribution for energy producers in renewable installations sources of energy through the support system for green certificates.

Jagiellonian Institute’s message:

The distribution of public aid in the form of green certificates was launched in 2005 and assumes granting a producer 1 ZC per kWh of electricity produced by a RES installation, however, due to the common high-power installations installed, it is common to determine the amount of CC in MWh.

The essence of the system is the obligation imposed on energy sellers to obtain and submit for redemption to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office a certain amount of CC in renewable energy sources (hereinafter: “redemption obligation level”), or payment of a substitute fee.

As it results from the information published by the Energy Regulatory Office (hereinafter: “ERO”), the total volume of energy produced in 2005-2018 for which the CC was issued amounted to 188,730,582,019 MWh, with the estimated volume of about 21,000,000 MWh generated in 2019 (the final data for 2019 has not been published by the ERO yet).

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