According to the announcement of the Energy Regulatory Office, the published schedule has been agreed with the Minister of Climate and Environment and, as announced by the Energy Regulatory Office and the Ministry, all auctions will be conducted by the end of June this year. Eight auctions are planned from May 26 to June 11, 2021, seven of which are for new installations.

According to the auction schedule for 2021 agreed with the Minister of Climate, the first auction this year is planned to be held on May 26. This is the only auction intended this year for existing installations and will be dedicated to those that use only agricultural biogas, including high-efficiency cogeneration, with an installed electrical capacity of more than 1 MW.

The first auction for new installations is scheduled for May 27 and will be dedicated to installations with an installed electrical capacity of more than 1 MW, using only landfill biogas, biogas from sewage treatment plants and biogas other than agricultural, landfill and biogas from sewage treatment plants), dedicated installations biomass combustion, hybrid systems, including high-efficiency cogeneration, as well as thermal waste treatment installations and dedicated multi-fuel combustion installations.

The last auctions are scheduled for large wind and photovoltaic installations – which is scheduled for June 8, and for small wind and photovoltaic installations – this auction is scheduled for June 11.

The schedule does not include auctions dedicated to hybrid RES installations. Pursuant to the position of the Minister of Climate and Environment, in order to ensure their full compliance with Community regulations regarding the rules of granting state aid, the possible organization of these auctions should be suspended until the draft provisions of the Act amending the Act on renewable energy sources enter into force.