The Mine Restructuring Company is involved in a pilot program of retraining people leaving the mining industry. The first team will undergo training to start working on the installation and servicing of wind turbines.

The Swedish wind farm developer OX2 and the Windhunter Academy company specializing in training for the wind industry will train the first eight-person team of miners who have decided to leave the mining industry. The Mine Restructuring Company (SRK) is also involved in the pilot program of both companies, which will cover the costs of their participation in the project.

The training lasts a month and is free of charge for participants. Its program was developed by the Windhunter Academy company and meets all the standards of the Global Wind Organization, the Office of Technical Inspection and the Association of Polish Engineers and Mechanics.

Graduates of the course will be able to work in the installation and servicing of turbines in Poland and other countries. Especially that in addition to the technical part, there is a basic or specialist English language course, as well as meetings with experts – experienced wind turbine technicians.