The Council of Ministers has adopted a bill, which provides that the government will allocate a total of PLN 17.4 billion until 2024 to help energy-intensive companies that incur additional costs due to sudden increases in electricity and gas prices, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced.

The government adopted a draft act on the principles of implementing entrepreneurs’ support programs in connection with the situation on the energy market in 2022–2024, which “introduces the possibility of granting financial support to specific groups of entrepreneurs based on government programs”.

The government will want to provide entrepreneurs with public aid in connection with the increase in electricity and natural gas prices in the years 2022–2024 with a total value of PLN 17.4 billion, of which over PLN 5 billion this year. In 2023, the support provided for over PLN 8.2 billion, and in 2024 – over PLN 4.1 billion – the Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced.