In response to the question of whether there are any restrictions on electricity consumption in the distribution network, Enea Operator informs that at the present stage of micro-compaction of the installation, it does not restrict electricity production.

The automatic shutdown of the installation may occur as a result of security measures for individual sources. The system is only switched off when the permissible voltage is increased. This may be the case where the capacity generated exceeds the capacity requirements of final customers. This activates the security features installed by the manufacturers.

Micro-installations connected to the distribution network must meet the requirements specified in the Distribution Network Code, document entitled „Connection criteria and technical requirements for micro-installations and small installations connected to the low-voltage distribution network of the Distribution System Operator” and in the standard PN-EN 50438 „Requirements for parallel connection of microgenerators to public low-voltage distribution networks”.

In such situations, according to EN 50438 the microinstallation will be automatically connected after 20 seconds if all voltage and frequency requirements are met.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Enea Operator connected 858 microinstallations of RES with the total capacity of 6,867 MW to the grid.

The total capacity of the micro installations connected to the Enei Operator network increased to approximately 48 MW at the end of 2018, comprising 6,83 thousand micro installations.