Recently, the European Union decided that by 2030 the share of green energy in the consumption mix of electricity, heat and transport should increase to at least 32%. Although mandatory targets for individual countries have been set in the perspective for 2020, in the case of 2030 no mandatory national targets were adopted, but only one target at the level of the entire EU.

The European Commission analyzed the energy and climate plans prepared by individual Member States. the years 2021-2030 and the total share of renewable energy in the national energy mixes for 2030 provided for therein is greater than the target level set by the European Union. At the same time, the Commission emphasizes that in connection with the planned increase in the reduction of CO2 emissions for 2030, it will also be necessary to increase the EU’s green energy target.

Therefore, the European Commission has launched consultations aimed at increasing the EU’s goals in climate policy (RES for 2030) that they are in line with the new, higher reduction target. The Commission’s report estimates that achieving a 55% reduction in emissions may require increasing the EU’s 2030 RES target by 6 to 8 percentage points above the current target, ie to 38-40%.

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