Only two wind power plants, Baltic III and Baltic II, issued in 2016 and 2017, belonging to Polenergia, were granted environmental decisions. The connection infrastructure requires separate environmental decisions. One decision was issued for the Baltic III project.

PGE is waiting for the environmental decision to be issued for the Baltica project. The contract worth over PLN 40 million concerns environmental research, preparation of an environmental impact report and obtaining an environmental decision for the construction of a power plant together with the sea and land connection infrastructure. The proposal for a decision was submitted in December 2017.

At present, connection agreementshave been concluded for two projects: PGE Baltica (1045 MW) by the end of2027 and Polenergia (1200 MW) by theend of 2030. At the beginning of theyear, the connection conditions weregranted to power plants with a totalcapacity of 4,848 MW – these are theprojects of PGE, PKN Orlen, Polenergyand Baltic Trade and Invest.