Update of the government’s energy strategy “Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040” (PEP2040)

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The Ministry of Climate has published an updated summary of the energy strategy “Poland’s energy policy until 2040” (PEP2040), which was based on 3 pillars: a just transition, a zero-emission energy system and good air quality.
According to the strategy, in 2040, zero-emission sources will constitute more than half of the installed capacity, especially the Polish offshore wind power system and the nuclear power plant, i.e. two new strategic industries and areas to be built in Poland. The minister also added that the transformation also requires increasing the use of renewable energy technologies in heat generation and increasing the use of alternative fuels in transport.
“These changes will lead to a profound improvement in air quality, reduction of pollutant emissions, and thus an improvement in the quality of life of the society,” he said.
Due to the adopted assumptions, the use of coal for electricity production is expected to drop to 37% in 2030 (at the current level of 70%), while in 2040 – up to 11% or 28%.
In individual heating, we are to give up coal by 2030, and outside cities – by 2040.

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