The Ministry of Energy, following consultations, published a table with reference to comments submitted to the draft ordinance of the Council of Ministers regarding the maximum quantity and value of electricity from renewable energy sources that may be auctioned in 2020. (RCL no. RD567).

According to the adopted comments, the auction volume will be increased for:

  • New installations below 1 MW using wind energy and solar radiation (§ 3 point 4, comment no. 9 in table)
  • New installations above 1 MW using wind energy and solar radiation (§ 4 point 4, comment no. 9 in table)
  • Existing agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of over 1 MW (§ 2 point 3, comment no. 5 in table).

At the same time, the auction volume for existing non-agricultural biogas plants, biomass and multi-fuel combustion installations or thermal waste conversion installations with an installed electrical capacity greater than 1 MW will be reduced (§ 2 point 1, comment no. 3 in table).

Detailed information on updated volumes will be published together with the new version of the regulation, after its approval by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers.